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OBPMS, based in Washington, DC, is a performance series whose focus is unconventional, adventurous and experimental forms of musical composition.

The mission of Off the Beaten Path Music Series (OBPMS) is threefold:

1. To foster connections between the DC music/arts scene and the DC area community at large.

OBPMS performances are held at the University of the District of Columbia (Van Ness campus) and at Rhizome DC (in the Takoma neighborhood of DC). Both these places are great centers of musical/cultural life where community involvement plays a central role. We are dedicated to forming connections not only among artists, but with all creative-minded people, regardless of age, background, career-path, etc.

2. To encourage and provide an outlet for experimentation and collaboration amongst music students who may be interested in exploring new music composition.

Many music students, especially those at local universities/colleges where arts funding is low, have little to no outlet to see their creative projects (such as those done for an orchestration or composition class), realized by real live musicians. Students whose creative work has shown a high level of technical and artistic achievement may be invited to submit work to be performed as part of an OBPMS concert.

3. To bring to DC a voice for genuinely new, alternative, adventurous, oft-neglected or experimental forms of music creativity in composition.


Sat., Oct. 12th, 2019: 2pm UDC Performing Arts Recital Hall

Lewis Krauthamer: Two Pieces for Double Bass and Lap Steel guitar
Zachary Crabtree, double bass; Lewis Krauthamer, lap steel guitar


NOA EVEN, saxophones
a t o m i c
Newly commissioned solo works for saxophone, interactive electronics & video

Christopher Biggs: Imprints in Time
LJ White: bodies immutable (video by Jason Charney)
Emily Koh: b(locked.orders) (video by Michiko Saiki)
José Martínez: Do I Regret? (video by Michael Bruner)


Off the Beaten Path Composers' Collective Performance
Tues. August 6, 2019 * 7:30pm * $10
Olivia Weise, Tim Bedford, Michael Gancz, Víctor Arce and Lewis Krauthamer present newly composed works for Trombone, Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar, Trickeyboard, Percussion and Electronics. Join us as we perform and discuss explorations into microtonality, theatricality, spectralism, graphic notation, political activism, indeterminacy and miscellaneous. This performance is the culmination of an 8-week long collaborative summer composition workshop.

Off the Beaten Path Composers' Collective Performance

Sat., Dec. 8th, 2018: 2pm UDC Performing Arts Recital Hall
The Balance Campaign performs works by Aida Shirazi, Roberto Sierra, Angélica Negrón, Shulamit Ran and Christopher Cerrone

Sat., April 7th, 2018: 2pm UDC Performing Arts Recital Hall

The Atlantic Guitar Quartet performs music by Lewis Krauthamer, Philip Glass and others

January 23rd, 2018: 12:30 pm UDC Performing Arts Recital Hall

Performance and discussion on Free Improvisation by Weed Tree (Layne Garrett and Amanda Huron) and Luke Stewart (double bass)

April 8th, 2017, 2pm UDC Performing Arts Recital Hall
Works by Jacob TV, Stephen Lilly, Michael Boyd, Lewis Krauthamer and more. Featuring Dr. Laura Armstrong (clarinet), Zachary Crabtree (double bass), Michael Boyd (trombone) and others.

April 9th, 2016, 2pm
UDC Performing Arts Recital Hall
Charles Ives (arr. L. Krauthamer): "Chorale" from 3 Quarter-Tone Pieces, arranged for mixed ensemble
Lewis Krauthamer: Four Virginian Ballads on Themes of Human Weakness for solo guitar accompanied by spoken/recorded text by French poet Combor.
- performed by Thomas Schuttenhelm
José Elguezabal: Interlude for microtonal keyboards, from his new Solche Konfrontationen
Tom Licata: Not once, but... for solo clarinet performed by Laura Armstrong
Thomas Schuttenhelm: Six Moments Musicaux for Clarinet and Guitar
Tom Johnson (arr. L. Krauthamer): Rational Melodies Nos. 4 and 10
Tom Johnson: Failing, performed by Zachary Crabtree

Performers: Laura Armstrong, Clarinet; Zachary Crabtree, Contrabass; Thomas Schuttenhelm, Guitar; Jibrael Malik, Guitar; Lewis Krauthamer, Keyboards, Lap Steel.; Andrew Pendergrast, Keyboards.